Member-Button.pngWelcome to the Pan Gregorian Enterprises of Maryland!

Pan Gregorian Enterprises Of Maryland is dedicated to saving the independent restaurant and food service provider money on their everyday purchases through negotiated purchasing contracts, rebate incentives, distributor-off invoice allowances, and special members-only purchasing opportunities! If you are a restaurant owner in the Maryland area, give us a call at 410.631.7990 to join our community! All PGE Maryland members are independent restaurant owners, working together for the common good.  They represent a unified force to assist each independent operator in maintaining a successful advantage over the ever-increasing competition.

Elias Rizakos, Vice President of PGE Maryland, is responsible for the success of well-known Baltimore establishments, such as 7 West Bistro Grille, the Windsor Inn and the Hazelwood Inn.  As a smart, veteran businessman, Rizakos has lead the way for Pan Gregorian Enterprises of Maryland and built it to become what it is today.  Listen to Mr. Rizakos talk about the opportunities PGE Maryland has for you!